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Hire the best professionals to program and design your company’s visual identity

Enjoy an amazing software experience with elite designers and programmers, where you can add wonderful artistic touches to your work and make it stand out from the crowd.

ISAR for programming and design services

Learn about our leading services in the field of programming and design, as we provide you with innovative and advanced solutions to meet your business needs.
Our dedicated team is always striving to provide the best technical solutions that help you achieve your success. Choose Ethar Software to turn your ideas into reality and achieve your goals efficiently and with high quality.

Website programming

It includes all website programming and design services, choosing the appropriate hosting, in addition to improving the appearance on search engines and writing content according to SEO rules and user experience rules, which in turn provides a unique interactive experience.

Mobile application programming

It includes building Android and iOS applications in its various stages, from designing interfaces to dealing with databases to building a professional application, all the way to uploading it to Google Play and the APP Store.
This is by a team specialized in programming Flutter applications

Marketing campaign management

It includes managing the company’s appearance on the Internet, whether through social media platforms or through the website, and thus a complete management is done that includes writing content and publications and managing advertising campaigns on Meta and Google Ads

Visual identity design

It includes all stages of building the company’s visual identity, starting from choosing the appropriate colors for the company, inspired by its specialization, and designing the appropriate logo for the company

Designing brochures and advertisements

It includes designing printed and/or electronic brochures and advertisements of all types and divisions, in coordination with the Office Services Department at ISAR Company.

Business card design

It includes designing business cards and personal cards, dealing with visual effects, specifying color, and coordinating with the office services department for printing

Close association with the publishing house

This is represented by designing the cover of the book, the index and the divisions of the book, leading to the design of the pages of the book in constant and continuous coordination with the publishing house
Thus, your book will be received, starting from the design of the book and the full visual identity of the book, and then transferring it to the publishing house for editing and printing with a group of linguistic proofreaders.
After printing the book, it will be returned to the software department in order to run a targeted marketing campaign for it.


Close association with the voiceover studio

Permanent and continuous coordination between the effects of software and the effects of voiceover. This is evident in the management of marketing campaigns by linking the visual elements supervised by designers and the audio elements supervised by acoustic engineers.
Thus, effective marketing is achieved with high-quality visual effects and audio support to increase the impact on the target segment.

ارتباط وثيق بين البرمجة والخدمات المكتبية

Close link with the office services department

It is manifested through full coordination in building designs, identity and visuals, by designing the appropriate logo and choosing colors from the company’s inspiration, and then building all the required designs and then transferring them to the office services and printing department in order to choose the appropriate printing format and material in order to complete the life cycle of the visual identity and launch it to customers .

ارتباط وثيق بين البرمجة والتعليم والتطوير المنهجي

Close link with the Department of Education and Curriculum Development

This connection is evident in the management and establishment of specialized and interactive courses for all ages, starting with programming for children, passing through programming courses for beginners and amateurs, down to professional programming courses and entering the labor market.

Speed ​​and accuracy in delivery

We always strive to achieve the client’s visions in the required time, and our team is able to bear the burdens of work pressure and ensure speedy implementation.

High security and reliability

With the speed of implementation provided by our team, we must ensure the security of the software, which includes full protection, backups and information security.

After sales service

Our team provides after-sales technical support service
This is to ensure customer comfort
In addition to the free software training service


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طارق عثمان اغا مهندس برمجيات لدى شركة ايثار

Tareq Othman Agha

software engineer

Director of the Software Department at ISAR Company,
He holds a bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering
He has many projects in programming websites and applications, in addition to his experience in the field of studying and designing the user experience UX / UI

Lubna Jaalout

Lubna Jaalout

Informatics engineer

Graphic designer at ISAR Company,
She holds a bachelor’s degree in informatics engineering
She has many projects in designing books and logos
Ads management

رنيـم أزرق

Raneem Azraq

architecture engineer

E-Marketing Officer at ISAR Company,
Mersin University student in architecture engineering
She has many projects in writing content and managing marketing campaigns

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