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Education and methodological development

Launching professional courses in various fields with a group of distinguished trainers


Hire the best professionals to create exceptional content for your business

gifts and packaging

Enjoy the best quality products and services

Programming and design

Hire the best professionals to program and design your company’s visual identity

Stationery and office services

Enjoy a unique experience and a variety of products with a distinctive service character, and let us draw the future of your children with the best school products.

Publishing house

Publishing and printing services at the best prices, in the fastest time, and with high quality

our vision

our vision

The main objective of the ISAR Group project is to start in the field of entrepreneurship, attract all segments of society with different cultures, and break the barrier of time by linking culture and literature on the one hand, and contemporary technology on the other.
Under the slogan
“Together we achieve our goals and create the future with our own hands”

our services

ISAR Company always strives to provide the best services by following the standards of project management and entrepreneurship in order to achieve its goals and reach .the highest levels of progress

publishing house

Discover a new world of ideas and creativity with ISAR Publishing House, where technology and culture meet to achieve your goals and create a bright future for you and your book.

Programming & Design

Learn about our leading services in the field of programming and design, as we provide you with innovative and advanced solutions to meet your business needs.

Voice Over

Choose what suits you from among a group of elite commentators, as we seek to provide all pre- and post-production services for textual, visual and audio content

Education and methodological development

Our team of expert trainers guarantees you a unique and effective learning experience. Choose Ethar to develop your skills and increase your chances of success in the labor market.

Gifts & Packaging

We offer you a variety of unique and innovative gifts that suit all occasions, in addition to professional packaging services that guarantee an elegant and attractive look for your gifts.

Stationery & Office Services

Browse our unique collection of stationery and stationery products that meet all your work and study needs. Choose our high quality and durable products to get perfect performance and high efficiency.

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Moayad Kalash

Bachelor’s degree in Automatic Control

General Manager of
ISAR Group

طارق عثمان اغا مهندس برمجيات لدى شركة ايثار

Tareq Othman Agha

software engineer

Director of the Software Department at
ISAR Group

ابراهيم زراع

Ibrahim Zaraa

Sound Engineering

Director of the Voiceover Department at
ISAR Group

Lubna Jaalout

Lubna Jaalout

Informatics engineer

Graphic designer at ISAR Group


Reyyan Yousefan

Print and Sales Responsible

Printing and sales officer at ISAR Group

رنيـم أزرق

Raneem Azraq

architecture engineer

E-marketing officer at ISAR Group

Hazar Janiyat

Hazar Janiyat

Certificate in Kindergarten

Education and methodological development officer at ISAR Group

Walid Kalash

Walid Kalash

Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

Printing director at ISAR Group


Jamila Deb

Department of Analytical Mathematics

Accountant and sales representative at
ISAR Group


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